Сборник клипов - Metal, Rock, Gothic, Symphonic (женский вокал)

Название: Сборник клипов - Metal, Rock, Gothic, Symphonic (женский вокал)
Исполнитель: Сборник
Год: 2012
Жанр: Metal, Rock, Клип
Количество: 50 клипов

01. After Forever - Being Everyone

02.After Forever - Equally Destructive

03.Amberian Dawn - Cold Kiss(feat.TimoKotipelto)

04.Ansoticca - I'm Alive


06.BareInfinity - Always Forever

07.Dark Moor - Love From The Stone

08.Delain-Get The Devil Out Of Me

09.Delain - We Are The Others

10.Diabulus In Musica - Sceneries Of Hope

11.Disdained - I Live For Your Pain

12.Echoterra-All The Lies


14.Epica-Storm The Sorrow

15.Evanescence-My Heart Is Broken

16.Evanescence-What You Want

17.Factory Of Dreams-Back To Sleep

18.Hb-The Jesus Metal Explosion

19.Katra-One Wish Away


21.Krypteria-Live To Fight Another Day

22.Lacuna Coil-Trip The Darkness

23.Lahannya-Save Me

24.Leaves`Eyes-To France


26.Lyriel-Paranoid Circus

27.Matenrou Opera-Helios




31.One Without-Nothing To You

32.Pythia - Betray My Heart

33.September Mourning-Before The Fall

34.Serenity Feat.Ailyn (sirenia) - The Chevalier

35.Silent Opera-Lilium

36.Sirenia-The End Of It All

37.Stream Of Passion - The Scarlet Mark

38.Tarja Turunen - Until My Last Breath Ii

39.The Lovecrave-Thriller(michael Jackson Cover)

40.Theatre Of Tragedy - Storm

41.Therion - Poupee DeCire, Poupee The Son

42.Tristania-Year Of The Rat


44.Velvet Seal - Lend Me Your Wings

45.Violet Sun - Dust In The Wind

46.Visions Of Atlantis - New Dawn

47.Wildpath-Buried Moon

48.Within Temptation-Faster

49.Within Temptation - Shot In The Dark


Продолжительность: ~3 часа, 30 минут
Формат/Кодек: MPEG4 Video (H263)
Видео: 624*352, ~768 kb/s
Аудио: AAC, 128 Kbps (Stereo), 48 KHz

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